Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My unit plan

I will be doing a unit on the dangers of alcohol and tobacco use among teenagers. Students will learn the short term and long term dangers of each. Students will be asked to create a pamplet that will tell other teens of the dangers and will try to convince them to say NO to alcohol and/or tobacco

What are risks associated with teens and alcohol/ tobacco use?

Unit Q

What immediate effects does alcohol use have on the body?
Why is the combination of alcohol use and teens a dangerous mix?
What immediate effects does nicotine have on the body?
How do the effects of alcohol and nicotine differ?

What immediate effects does alcohol use have on the body?
What determines how quickly one is affected by alcohol use?
What are three long-term consequesnce of Tobacco use?
What effects does nicotine have on the body?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

deeper thinking ---projects

When students participate in project activities, they have to do more than just sit in the desk and soak up information. Actively gathering information, preparation, and presentation of information to peers gives additional time for deeper thinking. They give students time for hands on activity. Students have to plan how to gather information and decide what is the best way to present it to the class.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

What thinking skills for my classroom?

Under Bloom’s Taxonomy, I will focus on knowledge, comprehension, application and evaluation. With Marzano, the focus will be positive attitude, meaningful use of knowledge, and extension and refinement.Costa and Kallick’s thinking skills will be: question focused problems, taking responsible risk, using humor, and thinking and communicating with clarity and precision.